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Is Android OS better than iOS?

One can easily cite many reasons why Android is a better Operating system than iOS. But yet iOS users are hooked on using their iPhones or iPads without complaints! So, why this? Some people may say it's branding. Yes, but is it all?

Keeping aside the fact that the Android system is open-source, as tech lovers, we have to accept there are certain things iOS does better than Android. So, what are these differences?

The iOS system is faster 

Although most recent Android devices come with a relative greater RAM storage than some iPhones, the performance is still lagging. If you've used both Android and iOS for a couple of years, you probably must have noticed this difference. You constantly get hiccups with even the most powerful Android device. Like Apps crashing, or not responding and many others. Whereas, with iOS, the thing is always very smooth and fast.
"The truth is we tend to get a little lost in the specs and often forget to look at what really matters. Performance doesn’t only come from powerful specs. There is more to processing power than cores and speed clocks. In fact, it has been proven Apple processors are better than Qualcomm’s."  - Says Edgar Cervantes from Android Authority

iOS has a unique UI

Unlike Android where we have numerous manufacturers, each with his own designing taste, iOS has a unique UI. Since only Apple manufactures all its iDevices, the UI and options haven't changed considerably for years. So, a person who was acquainted with an iPhone 4 won't find it difficult using the iPhone 11.


Apple provides quick updates to its OS than it is the case with Android devices. 


Although Google has been enhancing the security on its Android OS, to my opinion it is still lacking. Taking in to account the Factory reset protection, it is pretty easy bridging this security than bypassing an iCloud which is synonymous to the FRP on Android.

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